about us

the chamber music duo «sýnchronos» was founded in 2018 by the musicians Niklaus Egg and Ralph Marks,
with the goal to revive, promote and develop the undiscovered combination of trumpet and percussion.
The musicians got to know each other during their work as a musicians in various orchestras in switzerland, such as the Bern Symphony Orchestra.

The name «sýnchronos» comes from the Greeks and has meanings such as «contemporary» or «simultaneous / synchronous».

The large list of original literature, included well-known composers like Henri Tomasi, Daniel Schnyder or Jean Balissat,
extends over 100 compositions. In their work, the duo tries to work up this repertoire and to expand it with new compositions and arrangements.
Furthermore, the ensemble strives to record this extraordinary literature with video and CD productions, as well as concerts, to make known and to convey.

For spectacle at the concert is taken care of. The versatility of percussionist Ralph Marks ranges from marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bongos and
other percussion instruments up to the triangle an on the other side the trumpeter Niklaus Egg is playing with flugelhorn, trumpet and piccolo trumpet.
The music ranges from contemporary original literature to dreamy sounds, where the flugelhorn and marimba combine to create a soundscape.